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Odds Services

Odds trading is our heritage, it’s been at the core of our business and the driver of our innovation for over 30 years.

Trading you can trust

A legacy of odds trading excellence that spans over three decades. At Sporting Solutions, odds trading isn’t just a service; it’s our heritage, the heartbeat of our business, and the catalyst for over 30 years of continuous innovation.

Unrivalled expertise

At the core of our business lies a wealth of mature modeling and trading expertise. Sporting Solutions has consistently delivered highly accurate and reliable odds to operators and lotteries in regulated markets globally. Our commitment to excellence has solidified our position as a frontrunner in the odds trading industry.

Why Choose Our Odds Services?

Accuracy and Reliability

Rely on our mature modelling algorithms for highly accurate odds that you can trust.


customisable margins crafted to make trading more flexible, adapting to the evolving needs of your sportsbook.


With fully automated fixture booking and market management tools via our connect platform, you can optimize your operations with minimal platform interaction saving valuable time.

Official data sources from every supplier

We offer more official data than any other supplier, providing all the events you need from sources you can trust.
With a legacy built on expertise, accuracy, and reliability, we are committed to shaping the future of odds trading. Elevate your sportsbook with us and experience the difference that 30 years of experience can make.