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Sportsbook Services

Odds Services Plus

Odds trading is our heritage, it’s been at the core of our business and the driver of our innovation for over 30 years.

The future of odds trading is here

Welcome to a new era of odds trading, where precision meets profitability. Odds Services Plus is an ‘add on upgrade’ to our Odds Services that utilises machine learning algorithms to elevate your sportsbook’s performance through a revolutionary automated approach.

We redefine the way odds move in real time, seamlessly integrating risk-adjusted odds technology and advanced customer profiling. Step into the future of odds trading with a product designed to optimize your sportsbook pricing, reduce volatility, drive margin, and mitigate exceptional risk.

How does it work?

Accuracy and Reliability

We calculate real-time liability positions across all related markets, which in turn feed directly into your own personal odds calculation.

As liability increases, the odds calculation automatically adjust. In practice, making the selections that are currently high risk less attractive and selections that are low risk more attractive to assist with redirecting the flow of business.

Player Profiling

Our advanced customer profiling objectively rates a player’s skill level on a per sport basis across a range of metrics, accounting for ROI, behaviour repeatability and ability to beat the market.

This assessment of player skill feeds into your odds calculation, placing greater emphasis on the wagers of higher skilled players, automatically adjusting odds accordingly.

The result is smarter odds changes that reflect the business  you receive, delivering odds that stand out against the market.

Stand Out in the Market with Odds Services Plus

Odds Services Plus delivers more than just odds trading; it provides a competitive advantage that sets your sportsbook apart from the rest. Our features ensure that your odds are not only responsive to market changes but also tailored to the unique characteristics of your player base.