Sporting Solutions is the B2B division of the UK´s widely respected Sporting Group. Our sister company, Sporting Index, is a world leader in sports spread betting.

The Sporting Group is highly regulated business (Financial Conduct Authority and UK Gambling Commission) and has been operating since 1992. We have a long history of profitability and probity in the most competitive market in the world and have proven that these characteristics are not mutually exclusive. We are also part of The European Lotteries and World Lottery Associations.

Since 2007, Sporting Solutions has combined this renewed trading expertise with market-leading technology to create superior turn-key pricing and trading solutions for Tier 1 operators across the globe in more than 20 core sports. Our market-leading processes, proprietary technology and 25 years of history on trading in-play markets, means we are confident we will be able to deliver improvements to both, sportsbook margin and operating efficiency for all our partners.


The Sporting Group is one of the world’s leading names in sports betting technology and trading. The Group employs almost 300 staff, predominately at its central London HQ, and has two principal divisions – a B2C operation, Sporting Index, the pre-eminent sports spread betting company, and a rapidly growing B2B operation, Sporting Solutions, which supplies real-time pricing and sports trading capabilities to sportsbooks around the globe.

Sporting Index

Sporting Index is the undisputed world leader in its sector, providing the most thrilling live sports betting experience to tens of thousands of customers around the globe. Founded in 1992 – with just five members of staff and 50 clients in the UK. It has been at the forefront of the sports betting industry ever since.

Sporting Index’s B2C business continues to grow in the face of a fiercely competitive online betting market. The company offers spread bets on a wide variety of sports, on political and showbiz events, as well as a portfolio of unique virtual games and an online casino.

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting on sport has been around for over 20 years. It traces its roots back to the trading of financial assets – be that currencies, equities or commodities – and hence shares much of the jargon, such as “buy” and “sell” or “long” and “short”. Instead of trading markets based on an underlying financial asset, Sporting Index make markets in what you might call a new asset class – what happens in a sports fixture. So, while the financial markets trade the FTSE index or the price of gold, Sporting Index trade the number of goals in a football match or the number of runs a batsman will score in a cricket innings.

Spread Betting requires superior modelling and trading tools, which we have been working on for 25 years, offering our B2B partners superior, fast and accurate pricing solutions.


As a pioneer of in-play betting, trading expertise is at the heart of our business. Sporting Solutions supplies Sporting Index with the models and traders that have made it a world-leading operator since 1992.

The Sporting Solutions team has an unparalleled combination of trading and technical experience. Our products have been developed by traders for traders, are technically robust, rapid to implement, easy to integrate, and intuitive to use.


We work to a very simple and clear rationale. Using our pricing, trading and technical excellence, we seek to:

Improve your margins

through better prices

Increase your revenues from a

greater range of sports and markets

Reduce your

operating costs

We believe we can transform the way sportsbooks operate by providing on-demand access to an unrivalled suite of trading tools. We want to help you drive betting activity and deliver improved customer retention from an enhanced product offering, whether pre-match or in-play.


Our approach is fundamentally different from others in the market.

Uniquely we combine trading and technology to deliver a best-of-breed service. We don’t just scrape or copy existing market prices to calculate market averages, as others do. Instead we have developed highly sophisticated proprietary models which, when used by expert traders (be they ours or your own), deliver highly accurate pre-match and in-play prices, across the widest range of sports available anywhere. All available through a single point of integration.

Our platform-agnostic software has enable Sporting Solutions tohave access to thebest and more reliablein-play data providers in the industry, which combined with our superior models and trading expertise, enable Sporting Solutions to offer the best-of-breed extended coverage and highly sophisticated in-play prices to partners across the glove.

Another major difference is our use of cloud computing technology. This will revolutionise the way betting companies generate their prices. Unlike others we are able to offer the best range of prices, and the most sophisticated trading tools, whilst enabling companies to dramatically reduce their operating costs by eliminating significant data centre, hardware and system maintenance costs.


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